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Indie Authors submit your books.

Our three-month Premium shelf space is $75.oo plus 20% of sales of your books. You get 88% of  your sales.

Our three-month Budget self space is $60.oo plus 12% of sales of your books. You get 88% of your sales.

All books are face-out on the shelves.

After your three-month term, you can either renew, or we can put the books on our sale shelves for one month. Each week on the sale shelf the book goes down in price 10%; thus, the second week would be 20% off, the third 30% off, the fourth 40% off. After this you can either pay for shipping for them to be returned to you or donate them to our freebie shelf.

While we are looking for all kinds of books, we are expecially interested in genre novels, YA, cookbooks, and children's books with girl protagonists.

Please fill out this form to start the submission process:
Has your book been professionally edited?
Please list at awards your books have won:
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